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    He who does not have fun, is a madman!

    Your stay at MA Hotel Corinaldo will be a show, and a crazy one as well! If you visit Corinaldo during certain times of the year, such as Halloween, you cannot miss the Feast of the Witches, in spring the Feast of Fools or in summer the re-enactment with the "Contesa del Pozzo della Polenta" (Contest of the Polenta Well) and concerts of the Corinaldo Jazz Festival.

Festa delle Streghe 2021

The Feast of the Witches

In the nights of late October, the lights in Corinaldo dim and unsettling creatures come to life. Walking through the alleys you can smell pumpkins and candles, discover hidden corners and fascinating sceneries where spirits from other worlds move in the shadows. Even the shops change shape, the restaurateurs change into ogres and witches, mysterious characters dance around you. Your stay at MA Hotel Corinaldo will be chilling, but it won't be a's just the Night of the Witches of Corinaldo. Spend Halloween with us!

La città dei pazzi

The feast of fools

We're all crazy...and we love it!
Did you know that Corinaldo is called "The town of crazies" for the stories that feature its bizarre inhabitants?
To celebrate these characters and the healthy madness that distinguishes us, the Festa dei Folli was born: the most colorful and fun weekend of spring.
The event brings many sportsmen and visitors to the city for games, dances and shows with street artists.
Experience days of extra(ordinary) madness by staying at MA Hotel Corinaldo.

Corinaldo Jazz

Corinaldo Jazz Festival

Corinaldo moves to the rhythm of music in summer! Corinaldo Jazz, a traditional summer festival hosted within the walls of the village where MA Simple Hotel is just around the corner.
Stroll through the streets and cheer up among the many quality events designed for fans of jazz music and more.
The festival, organized by the cultural association Round Jazz and now at more than twenty editions, boasts prominent names of the Italian and international jazz scene.

Contesa del Pozzo della Polenta

Contest of the Polenta Well

In August Corinaldo returns to its evocative medieval past with the "Contesa del pozzo della polenta", the ancient sixteenth-century historical re-enactment of the victory of the people of Corinaldo against the army of the Duke of Urbino, who had besieged the village.
Tradition has handed down a different version of this story, narrating the legend of a farmer who dropped a sack of flour into the well.
The sack fell into the well and... come and find out how the story ends! We'll tell it to you at MA Hotel Corinaldo.

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